May 22, 2017

Before your session:

Please plan any skincare or hair removal services at least a few days prior to your session to avoid any redness or uneven skin tone. You probably want to avoid tanning in the sun prior to your session as well so that you don’t have redness or strap tan lines. Professional spray tan prior to your shoot is fine if there are no streaks or blotches. Your hands will likely be in some of the photos, so please come with either clean unpolished nails or a neutral manicure like a French.

Day of your session:

If you will be purchasing makeup services, please arrive with your face clean and moisturized. Please bring your favorite mascara. If you have a favorite foundation, please bring that as well. I have colors that I can mix, but may not be able to match your skin tone perfectly. I will provide lashes or add them in post production depending on how many looks are planned for the day.

If you will be purchasing light hair styling, please arrive with your hair clean and dry. (Note: If your hair requires flat ironing, please do that before you arrive).

Please arrive in loose fitting clothing so that there are NO lines on the skin. Do NOT wear socks. Make sure your top can be easily pulled over your head or unbuttoned. Please do not come wearing any jewelry and no hair ties on wrists.

Please bring neutral colored undergarments. A bra that can be converted to strapless is best. Color nude is preferred and black depending on the concept. If you will be doing a water shoot, you will need a swimsuit or at least a pair of black bottoms. I have many tops here.

I have some shoes here in sizes 8-9, but we can discuss what is best to bring based on the concept we are shooting. Please bring a pair of flip flops for ease since there are stairs here.

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